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29.07.2017  International Sculpturexhibition openArt Roveredo
More then 60 artists show there work at the international sculpture exhibition openArt at Roveredo GR Switzerland (next to Bellinzona). Vernissage is on 29. July 17 h (till 8. October) More infos on:www.openart.ch
02.06.2017  5th sculpture exhibition at Gallery Jedlitschka
19 artsits show from June 3. till November 4. at the Gallery Jedlitschka at Seefeldstrasse 52 in Zurich the 5th sculpture exhibition. Vernissage is on saturday 3. June 11-17h.
04.04.2017  Comic Festival Fumetto 2017
Mit AMSTERDAM All Acrylics am Fumetto 2017

Street Art Event – Live Sprayen am Fumetto in Luzern

Anlässlich des Internationalen Comix Festivals Fumetto wird der renommierte Schweizer Street Art Künstler Pirmin Breu in Zusammenarbeit mit Royal Talens am Samstag, 8. April live einen Bus „besprayen“.

Dabei ist jedermann zum Mitwirken eingeladen. Schon nach kurzer, fachkundiger Instruktion ist auch ein Anfänger in der Lage mit der Hilfe von vorgefertigten Schablonen bei der Neu-gestaltung des Firmenbusses mitzuwirken. Ein einmaliges Erlebnis und Einblick in die Kunst des Street Art für Gross und Klein, welches Sie nicht verpassen sollten.

Der Event findet bei jeder Witterung am Samstag, 8. April von 10.30 – 17.00 Uhr auf dem Löwenplatz in Luzern statt.

Die Verantwortlichen von Royal Talens und Fumetto freuen sich auf viele Teilnehmende.
24.11.2016  November Soiree in Zurich
Maschinenstrasse 11, 8005 Zürich. www.livingsculptures.ch 076 419 13 49 (Pirmin Breuis there from 19:30 h)
09.09.2016  New studio Opening & Exhibition
Official inauguration studio in Muri , incl. Exhibition
Opening times:
Friday, September 9. 18h till 20h
Saturday, September 10. 16h till 20h
Sunday, September 11. 14h till 17h
Aarauerstrasse 26 , 5630 Muri
31.07.2016  at 31. July, the 1. August Festival 2016
31. July, 16 h, Exhibition "Helvetia" with: Philipp Klopfenstein (BE), Patrick Mayland (TG), Samuel Ernst (AG), Mick Saxer (AG) and Pirmin Breu. At 23h Fire performance. Aarauerstrasse 26, 5630 Muri. All information at the Flyer.
01.06.2016  Sommerabend, Maschinenstrasse 11, Zürich
07.11.2015  November Soiree Zurich
16.10.2015  Artexhibition Areal ROTFARB
Gruppenausstellung Areal ROTFARB, Hauptstrasse 47, Aadorf. Vernissage, Freitag 16. Oktober 2015 ab 19 Uhr. Laudatio Peter Gall.
26.09.2015  "Studio Travel" Bremgarten
26. September Exhibition at Bremgarten, Marktgasse 23, from 10 till 16 h Pirmin Breu will be there. The Exhibiton is open from Sept. 15. till 30. (Photo Cuba Mural 2010)
10. September, 17.30 till 20.30 h at foxx Gallery, at Rindermarkt 13 in Zurich, the group exhibition „URBAN ART DELIGHTS“ with Ambras Bartos (Berlin), Seaty (Frankreich) and me Pirmin Breu, incl. Liveact.
29.08.2015  open Studios 2015
Am 29. und 30. August finden zum zweiten Mal die offenen Ateliers statt, an denen ich in Muri mitmache. Diesmal natürlich in der Fremo Muri, dort dabei ist mein Künstlerkollege Mick Saxer aus Fahrwangen mit seinen tollen Metall-Skulpturen. Alle Infos dazu findet man unter www.k-13.ch
18.04.2015  Exhibition, Stein AR "Alp auf Zug"
Exhibition "Alp auf Zug" at Schaukäserei, Dorf 711, 9063 Stein AR. Opening, Saturday 18. April, 14 - 16 h. The Exhibition is from 16. March till 6. September 2015. Open hours, 9 - 17 h, (from May 18.30 h). www.schaukaeserei.ch / 071 368 50 70
08.10.2014  Good or Bad Mural
On October 18. will Pirmin Breu official sign the Mural "Good or bad", live 11:00 at Seetalstrasse 23, Muri. Also will be there a view sculptures and paintings who fit the Mural.
He will be there from 10:00 AM till 12 AM
31.08.2014  Bruno Weber Park Liveact
On Sunday 31. August Pirmin Breu paints with other artists from 11 till 18 h at the Bruno Weber Park. More informations under bruno-weber.com
22.08.2014  WILd-zahm
22. August till 21. September 2014, Exhibition "WILd-tame" at Kulturpavillon, Zürcherstrasse 30, 9500 Wil. Opening 22. August 18:00 h. Laudatio: Marcus Heeb SG. Opening: Fr. 17:00-19:00 Uhr, Sa/Su. 14:00-17:00 Uhr. Pirmin Breu is present at the opening and 21. Sept.
Kantonale Psychiatrische Dienste- Sektor Nord, Kulturpavillon, Zürcherstrasse 30, CH-9500 Wil SG, www.psychiatrie-nord.sg.ch
15.08.2014  I say good bye
This is gonna be my last exhibition at my studio in Wohlen. They gonna sell soon the place and then I will move out. the opening times are:
Friday 15. August 14h till 19 h
Saturday 16. August 14h till 19 h
Sunday 17. August 14h till 18 h
I would be happy to see you there.
I don't have a new Place yet. My address will be after: Pirmin Breu Postfach 4 5630 Muri
22.05.2014  Longines CSIO 2014
Pirmin Breu creates on Saturday 31 May at the Longines CSIO St. Gallen live artwork from 11.30 till 12.00 and 14.30 till 15.00 Uhr on the Piazza Stage. At the "Jump and Jazz" night you can even buy at the auction one of his artworks.
29.10.2013  Exhibiton Track 1 Trainstation Appenzell
17. November 2013, opening with Graffiti live act at 14.30 h, Track 1 at Trainstation Appenzell. The Exhibiton is open from 8 am till 6 pm until 8. December. Pirmin Breu is there every Sunday from 2pm till 5 pm. Shortfilm from the opening, filmed by Chris Obrist.
27.07.2013  Roveredo 2013
On Juy 27. is again the Sculpture exhibition "Open Art" in Roveredo GR Switzerland. The Opening will be at 17h. with more then 60 sculpture artists. I will show 3 different artwork installations. The Exhhibiton finishes at October 6. More infos at http://www.openart.ch
21.06.2013  IN&Out Groupexhibition
Group Exhibiton „In Out“ from June 21. till August 31. 2013 at the Gallery Jedlitschka at Seefeldstrasse 52 in Zürich. http://www.jedlitschka-gallery.ch
05.11.2012  Solo exhibition at KOI GALLERY in Bangkok, Thailand
It is said that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Both apply to me this time. To my great joy, I managed to sell my series of paintings created to celebrate the “80-year relationship between Switzerland & Thailand” at the Fashion Week VIP Dinner at the Kempinski Hotel in Bangkok, Thailand. This series of paintings was intended to be the main focus of the exhibition at the Koi Galerie. So I have been under a bit of pressure to create a new series of paintings on the terrace of my hotel, which has been redesigned for this purpose. I managed to get my hands on the most important utensils in Bangkok with a bit of effort. This means that my solo exhibition will open as planned on November 5th at 6:00 pm and run through November 30, 2012.

08.08.2012  Exhibiton Bangkok
Invitation to the 80 Years Thai-Swiss Diplomatic Relations exhibition in Bangkok in Siam Paragon (Skytrain Stations Siam) from 23 to 25 August 2012. The exhibition will be opened by Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn on 23 August at 11:00 am. Opening hours: 10:00 am to 10:00 pm. Pirmin Breu will be on hand most of the time. Let him know you are coming and he will be happy to meet you.
The artist was invited by the Swiss embassy and the Thai royal family, along with Liliane Zumkemi, to represent the Swiss art scene. Pirmin Breu is exhibiting a series of five paintings created specially for this event.
The following artists are representing Thailand in the exhibition:
Thaiwijit Puangkasemsomboon Chatchawan Rodklongtan
Nai dee

Regular updates from Thailand are being posted on Facebook. Facebook/pirmin. breu
23.05.2012  openArt 2012
openArt 2012 sculpture exhibition at Roveredo GR in Switzerland. 28. July till 7. October. Opening 28. July at 17.00. From Tuesday till Sunday the Parc is open from 14.00 till 20.00 h. More then 60 Artists show there work there.
08.03.2012  New York meets Appenzell
New York meets Appenzell

Pirmin Breu shows his work first time with Billy the Artist from New York at the Foxx Gallery in Zurich. Totally different artwork, but the same passion........... Street Art !

Opening Tuesday, 8. March 2012, 18.00 - 21.00 h
Live performance 19.00 - 19.30 h
( first time work live together )

The Exhibition is till 5. April 2012,
Open: Tue -Fr. 10.30. - 13.30, 14.30 - 18.30, Sat 10.00 - 16.00 h
Foxx Galerie I Rindermarkt 13 I 8001 Zürich I Fon 044 261 88 61 I Fax 044 261 91 10
popart@foxxgalerie.com I www.foxxgalerie.com Galerie Foxx
01.12.2011  January 2012 Herisau Switzerland
09.03.2011  April 2011 Exhibiton Appenzell
" Back to the roots "
16. april till 25. september shows Pirmin Breu his interpretation of a modern " alpaufzug".Guest artist is his friend and famous appenzeller folk craftsman Hampi Fässler.www.hampi-faessler.ch The exhibition is at the Hotel restaurant Tuebli in the heart of Appenzell, Hirschengasse 8 9050 Appenzell. www.tuebli-appenzell.ch
18.02.2011  March 2011 Group Exhibition Baden Switzerland
From 11. March till 7. Mai, Group Exhibition"urban art latin america" with Pirmin Breu, Suiza / Sofia Maldonado, Puerto Rico / Roberto Pozos, Mexiko, at the Gallery Minimal Illusions at Kurplatz 3 in 5400 Baden. Opening is at the 11. March from 18 h till dawn. The Exhibition is open every saturday 14 till 17 Uhr , or you call for an appointment +41(0)79 786 41 07.
06.11.2010  K10 Group Exhibiton in Muri
Pirmin Breu organices with Singisenforum Murithe Group Exhibiton K10 with 19 artists from the area Freiamt, who make there own interpretation about Caspar Wolf
28.08.2010  Exhibiton, St Gallen
28. till 2. Aug. Artnight one in St Gallen. Paintings and Installations from different artists in the Gallery Macelleria d Arte
10.06.2010  Exhibition, in Soerikon (Muri)
1. August 2010 Freelandculture Exhibition and cinema
22.05.2010  Exhibition, Muri
22. - 30. May; single exhibiton "Schildbürger" at the Robert Wild AG in Muri AG
09.04.2010  Exhibition, Zurich
9. - 10. April 10: Exhibition 'Living and Leaving the Streets' at the Kulturmarkt in Zurich, with Marshall Art
04.03.2010  Exhibition, Villars-sur-GlAne ( Fribourg )
4. march till 28. march singleshow "Comictrip" in the gallery in Villars-sur-Glâne ( neben Fribourg ).
13.12.2009  Exhibiton, San Diego
Exhibition 602 Transportation Avenue Suite B National City, San Diego. Jan. 10. 2010 4pm to 8pm with: Roberto R. Pozos, Pirmin Breu, Cipriano R. Pozos und Juan Laguna. The Exhibiton ends on Feb. 10. 2010. more infos under : 619) 336-2406 Here the Video from a Invitation in a Channel of San Diego
03.12.2009  Exhibiton, Zurich
3. Dec. Group Exhibiton "Urban Art" at the Stockerstreet 11 in Zurich. Opening 18 h
28.11.2009  Exhibiton, Muri
28./29. Nov. Ausstellung HAVANA LIBRE ! Bilder und Fotos von Pirmin Breus Herbstreise nach Kuba - zu tief ins Herz des Landes geblickt ! Ausstellungsort: Lokalkunst, Aarauerstrasse 22 5630 Muri (vis-à-vis Bahnhof Muri ) Das Gebäude erinnert an Kuba............
Öffnungszeiten: 1. Adventwochenende 28. Nov. 17 Uhr bis 20 Uhr 29. Nov. 14 bis 18 Uhr. Die Installation bleibt bestehen bis 30. Jan. 2010 ( Schaufenster ).
14.07.2009  August Workshop
Ich biete nun Graffiti Kurse an für jung und alt und auch Firmen. Sobald ich wieder neue Kurse anbiete, werde ich dies auf der webseite kommunizieren. Wer Fragen hat, oder sicher gehen will, beim nächsten Kurs dabei zu sein, kann sich jetzt schon bei mir melden. Auch wer Informationen zu Graffiti Kurse für Firmen haben möchte. Also bis zum nächsten Kurs !
14.04.2009  MARKS BLOND PROJECT art room in Bern
At april 16. 19:00 h was in Bern the grand opening of the Installation "BURY THE JUMBO" where Pirmin Breu with his Spraycans had made a big decoration all over the room at the Speichergasse 8 in Bern. Watch the video !
06.01.2009  Ausstellung, Huningue ( F )
Exhibition "Urban Art" in der Galerie du Triangle in Huningue.
23.08.2008  Exhibition, Köln
October 08 Single Show in the Gallery Ralph Shriever in Köln.
22.08.2008  Exhibiton, Wohlen AG
14. nov. - 7. dez, 08 Single show in Wohle. Infos Flyer. Videoshow
08.08.2008  Marshall-Art Galerie
9. Aug. - 11. Oktober 08 Gruppenausstellung Marshall Art, Stauffacherstr. 37 in Zürich. Vernissage: Samstag 9. Aug. 13.30-20.00 Galerie Öffnungszeiten: Mi-Sa, jeweils 13.30-19 Uhr
29.05.2008  Exhibiton, Zurich
EM-Exhibition with different artists at the J.F. Galerie at Seefeldstrasse 48 in Zurich. Vernissage: Friday 6. June from 16.00 till 23.00 h till 29. June
15.02.2008  Exhibition, Zurich
28. - 30. March 08; Exhibition 'Living and Leaving the Streets' at the Kulturmarkt in Zürich, with Marshall Art
14.02.2008  Exhibition, Wohlen AG
29.- 30.March, Exhibition at Welmers in Wohlen AG, together with the Artistfrom Netherland Haldert
09.11.2007  Exhibition, Wohlen
November '07 Open studio in Wohlen
04.09.2007  Exhibition, Art International Zurich
October 07 The Ninth International Congress for Art of the 20 & 21st Century October 11-14 with Marshall Art at Kongresshaus am See
17.06.2007  Exhibition Weil am Rheine, Germany
June '07 Carhartt-Gallery exhibition. The painting is 2X11 meters and shows my development from 1989 to 2007
07.04.2007  Exhibition, Baden
April '07 Exhibition at the Gallery 101 in Baden, including outdoor installation
17.12.2005  Exhibition, Studio 222 / San Diego
December '05 Exhibition "Holiday Fiesta" Studio 222 / San Diego
09.09.2005  Exhibition Marshall Art
September '05 Exhibition "Living and Leaving the Streets" at Kulturmarkt in Zurich
12.05.1996  Exhibition "Graffiti Art" Zug
Group Exhibition "Graffiti Art" at the Galvanik in Zug
28.04.1994  Exhibition Lausanne
April '94 Group Exhibition "Acryl Art" at the Gallery Du Labyrinthe in Lausanne
08.10.1993  Exhibition, Muri
October '93 Exhibition at Connection Clothing in Muri
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